COIN Extension allows cash customers to receive your changes as a deposit on the card, instead of receiving it as a handful of coins.

Thinking about on how travellers, or even local residents, that have to deal with a handful portion of coins due changes of their purchases, or for paid services, Toriia INC. have developed, the COIN Extension card, which allows store owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and every merchant to use this as a way to give coin change back to their customers in a credit card deposit, instead of handing over a handful amount of pennies or coins.


Saving time and effort

COIN Extension was created to save time. The customers will have a better money management, since he won’t have to worry about where did he left his coins or how much does he have in hand. For the merchant side, it’ll save even more time and efforts, because the employees won’t have to count every single coin to give to the customer, instead of that, he will only have to transfer the change through a NFC system to the customer card. This, in a major point, saves also a critical security feature that most of the commercial places have in common: Valuable transportation. Less coins running through the cashier, the less need for value transporting, the safer the incomes will be.



COIN Extension eliminates the hassle of dealing with a pile of coins that accumulates after receiving change as coins for months and years. This allows users to spend their change with the convenience of credit card, view their COIN Extension card's balance & transactions with an mobile app, and Eliminates the retailer’s need for their cashiers to count and dispense coins to their cash customers.